Information Request Form

The information you provide on the Information Request Form will be used to clear judgments and liens which do not directly affect you or the property. This form also provides Escrow important information about your Lender and other contact information. This information is confidential and will be used to help the title company complete its work or to make contact with you or your Lender. The opening phase of your escrow will progress smoothly if you promptly return the documents sent to you.

If you have questions about any item, call or email your escrow officer. Your escrow officer is well acquainted with the documents and will be happy to explain them to you.


Certification for Utilities Addendum to Escrow Instructions

The final Water/Sewer bill will be paid from Seller proceeds at closing. Both parties to the transaction are required to sign and return this form. Buyer(s) will be responsible for setting up all new utility accounts, pay any set up fees and will be paid by Buyer(s) outside of escrow. Utilities are to include: gas, electricity, garbage, cable, telephone and any other public and private utilities that are pertinent to the purchase of the property.