1. Prepare Escrow instructions and obtain Buyer/Seller signatures, request Seller loan payoff and Homeowner Association information.
    2. Open Preliminary Title and review for Title Conditions.
    3. Order and receive Loan Payoff Demands, Clear any liens and Review taxes.
    4. Receive loan documents, review file to verify all contingencies removed and all conditions met and obtain final Amendments, if any.
    5. Figure file, prepare HUD Statement and make appointments with Buyer/Seller for signing of Loan Documents and receipt of Buyers funds.
    6. Return Loan Documents to Lender for approval and request loan funds.
    7. Forward Legal Documents to Title Company.
    8. Lender funds loan and authorizes recording of Legal Documents.
    9. Recording Numbers are received and all parties are notified that closing is final.
    10. Final HUD Statement is prepared and all checks/wires are issued to all interested parties: Buyer-Seller-Brokers-Agents-Lender, etc.