Property Information Statement/Authorization

Your title insurance company will make a thorough search of the public records along with its process of examining the title to the property. The information you provide will be used to clear judgments and liens which do not directly affect you or the property. This form will provide information about any existing loans you may have on your property and to identify your homeowner’s association. Fully completing this statement will assist in the processing of your escrow and could delay closing if not returned promptly.


Affidavit of Non-Foreign Status

Your signature on this affidavit certifies that you are a U.S. resident. Foreign persons, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, are subject to federal tax withholding when they sell property. To learn more about how tax withholding may affect you, consult with you accountant, attorney or the IRS. The website for the IRS is


1099-S Input Form

The information you supply on this form will be used by your escrow officer to produce IRS form 1099-S.


Certification for Utilities Addendum to Escrow Instructions

The final Water/Sewer bill will be paid from Seller proceeds at closing. Shannon Escrow will hold back $500.00 from Seller proceeds until the final Water/Sewer bill is received and paid. Any surplus funds will be refunded to Seller within 24 hours of final payment.