At Shannon Escrow, our team is what makes the difference. The experience and dedication that each of our team brings to the tables means each transaction gets the care and attention to detail our clients deserve.

Amy Lipscomb

LPO/Lead Closer

(425) 233-6603 |

Amy is the senior member of our closing department. She brings over 15 years of real estate settlement experience and a love for the work to her position every day.

“We have the opportunity to make a difference to our clients. I thrive on that opportunity!  It makes work very rewarding!’”

Outside of work, Amy makes a difference to…her daughter and their three dogs. Shout out to daughter Piper and their dogs Vivian, Violet and Edward! You can find that pack heading to the beach or out to see family…on the go to somewhere!

Cassidy Olcese

Closing Support

(425) 233-6603 |

Cassidy is everybody’s “right-hand person.” She helps the processing team prepare files for closing and helps the closing team too. And…she helps clients and agents stay informed and excited about the closing process.

“The pace is fast, and we are handling client’s important transactions – and I like that. I also like the variety of things I get to do – I like the challenge of multi-tasking!”

There is more to life than work and Cassidy lives that motto like a true PNW’er. That means camping, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Staying busy and making the most of each day is Cassidy’s mission.

Brittany McCormick

Closing Support

Brittany loves details and for those like her, there isn’t a better professional field to be in, than real estate settlement! She helps prepare files for closing and helps our clients and agents prepare too. And besides “details”, Brittany has an obvious affection for…writing things down, double checking, anticipating needs and…the list goes on.

“We do the technical work behind a very exciting event in the lives of our clients.  That means I have the chance to make a difference to people in our area – my clients are my neighbors!”

As a lifelong Washingtonian, Brittany is a proud WSU alum, still lives near family and life-long friends and is happy to host anyone who comes “back to town” to visit!  Of course, you’ll have to find her in town since the Evergreen State is great for road trips…like to the coast for surfing!

Sophia Francisdaky

Processing & Client Support

Sophia helps clients and agents get to know Shannon Escrow and know what to expect in the closing process. She helps prepare our files for closing and makes sure we meet the needs our clients have and keeps agents informed too.

“The pace is fast, and we are handling a client’s important transactions and I like that. I also like the variety of things I get to do – I like the challenge of multi-tasking!”

Sophia is new to the NW…and she loves it. She has joined family here and is taking it all in. She is a tourist in her own town now!

Margo Reed

Disbursements & Accounting

Margo manages our disbursements and handles our banking work and requirements. She loves numbers and having things “down to the penny.” This is precision work that requires a steady hand (for the calculator) and prompt attention.

“The sooner we can have files fully disbursed, the sooner I can have our accounts reconciled. That’s a mission anyone in accounting can appreciate. Having things done correctly and timely is a satisfying challenge!”

Besides talking numbers, if you want to hear what’s important to her – ask her about her kids…or even better – ask her about her cat, Max! Margo is a true local who loves getting out on the water or in the mountains.

Timothy Shannon

Founder / President

Tim is our company founder. He brought a big background in real estate finance and banking to the company – and that was a long time ago! One thing he continues to bring…energy! Tim loves meeting with clients and coaching our closing teams.

“Shannon Escrow has no boundaries when it comes to customer service. Being an independent and privately owned company, we can chart our own course in meeting client requests. I still get excited when working with clients, guiding them through their loan documents and letting them know that our company cares.  Knowledge and experience make the difference.”

Away from the office, Tim enjoys being active, very active. That means tennis, golf, traveling, family time, repeat. And if he can do a couple of those things at the same time, then all the better. Example: A week of golf at St. Andrew’s in Scotland!