What Do We Need to Bring for Our Document Signing Appointment?



The Buyer and Seller must present identification in a form acceptable to the Notary Public. The identification must be current or have been issued within the past five (5) years.


Common forms of acceptable identification include the following:

  1. An Identification Card or Driver’s License issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Passport issued by a foreign government.
  3. Passport issued by the Department of State of the United States.
  4. An Identification Card issued by any branch of the armed forces of the United States.


If You’re a Seller

Please bring your Bank RoutingAccount Information (account number) and your Forwarding Address.

We will wire proceeds to this Bank Account on the first business day after Closing.

Additionally, we will send a Final HUD Statement to your Forwarding Address. If we are paying off any Loans, your Lender will use this address for follow-up Documentation.


If You’re a Buyer

Please bring your Bank Routing and Account Information (account number).

Most Lenders will provide forms that can completed for automatic monthly loan payments. Also, some HOA’s require automatic payment for HOA dues.